Media TV and Radio

Mediasatcom operates global satellite distribution and distribution networks via its teleport in Europe in Asia. We cover all the broadcasting and media transmission needs.
For commercial and public organizations in other fields, we deploy solutions ranging from computer networks and voice communication to the transmission of real-time broadband signals via

For the transmission by satellite of television reports. This new service is part of the range of professional solutions developed by Skylogic, Eutelsat’s broadband subsidiary, on the KA-SAT multibeam satellite. Using lightweight, next-generation equipment, NewsSpotter broadens the coverage of news stories by providing broadcasters with a solution that can carry digital content from both standard and high-definition live from easy-to-deploy and easy to deploy terminals cost. This service also aims to serve the digital cinema sector to ensure a rapid transfer of scenes aimed at mounting locations as well as other markets requiring the rapid repatriation of aggregated files to an intervention site.



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